Audio Book Reading – Chapter 01

Guardians-of-Ga'hooleIncluded in this post is an audio reading I made for my daughter. The book, Guardians of Ga’Hoole by Kathryn Lasky was a gift she received from her Aunt.
The story is the magical journey of Soren who is a Barn Owl living in the kingdom of Tyto.
If my daughter remains interested I think making these audios for her will be a special treat for both of us.

If you listen to chapter 1 and have comments please share them in the comments below.

icon-audioChapter 1

Lest Anyone Think Otherwise

For months now I have not worn my wedding ring. For no other reason than it causes an irritation / reaction with my finger. Now when I wear it, the ring causes my skin below to peel and become a health condition. To save my ring finger from being amputated I have safely stored my wedding band in a secure location and impressed its meaning on my heart.