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Magic Lift with cousins and Zach including Maddie Isabel Ava Finley


Dragon Gas Chili (2015)


Dragon Gas Chili
Serves: 15

1 8 oz. can Light Red Beans
1 8 oz. can Chili Beans
1 8 oz. can Dark Red Beans
2 8 oz. can Black Beans
1 6 oz. can  Sliced Jalapeno peppers
1 4 oz. can Red Chipotle paste
6 Hot Italian Sausage
1 8 oz. can Red Enchilada Sauce
1 Squeezed Lime
2 Small Haberno Peppers
1 Packet Old El Paso Chili Seasoning
1 tsp cumin

Directions: Remove casings from sausage, brown sausage pieces. Stem in enchilada sauce. Squeeze a lime, dice the habernos (leave seeds for kick). Pour all the contents into crock pot for 6 hours on low.