A ShedQuarters

The beginning of the shedquarters

There is a worldwide movement of people building, or in some cases converting small backyard sheds into habitable places. I started a project that I call the ShedQuarters in my backyard. We live in a modest and comfortable home, but with five people (3 teenager-ish) even a modest home has few places to getaway. The shedquarters replaces a dilapidated shed that was more rust and dust than shelter or repairable.

I have been looking around the internet for options and came across shedquarters others have built. In some cases they are very elaborate. Others are simple structures of buildings that used to be  garden sheds.

The plans I have come up with include an 8×12′ floor. Inside there will be 8 foot ceilings with insulated and finished walls. I will have it wired by a licensed electrician but will do all the work myself. I have laid awake at nights visualizing every aspect of construction. It is kind of funny that I can “fly” around the shedquarters in my mind and see how each piece comes together. If it turns out like I see it in my mind this will be very nice.

Over time I will add progress reports with pictures. If you want to know more or help in any way please contact me offline or leave a comment below. It is a big undertaking, but one I can already see complete in my minds eye.


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