Creating Lasting Positive Change

21 Day Challenge

If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.” (Shawn Achor)

A projilliet (pronounced pro-gil-e-a) is some series of seemingly unrelated events that produce an extraordinary result. Discovering a projilliet transforms one’s life and introduces increase in experience and outcomes previously unrealized. A projilliet is a creature requiring care by one wishing to incorporate it in their life.

The following projilliet will transform your capability to perform, excel and think. Should you accept the following parameters studies have found the wiring of your brain will change. Applying the following principles for 21 days is the first requirement for incolcating this projilliet in your life.

For 21 Consecutive Days (do the following)

Three Gratitudes (Emmons & McCullough 2003)

Every day write down something new you are thankful for. Do not repeat any item previously listed.

Journal (Statelar & Pennebaker 2006)

Each day journal your progress. Write down one success that happened to you during the day (past 24 hours).

Exercise (Babyak et al 2000)

Do some physical activity for thirty minutes each day specifically to raise the heart rate.

Meditation (Dweck 2007)

Sit in a quiet place and consider the events of the day. Focus on positive things. By reliving these events you allow your brain to enjoy the event again.

Random Act of Kindness (Lynbornsky, 2006)

Do three things for someone else intended to make another person happy without expectation for reward.

Each of these things should be done each day for 21 consecutive days. Should an item be missed you should begin again the follwoing day from day 1. These five activities will introduce a projilliet into your life allowing you to find greater happiness, increasing your innate ability to think better, be more productive and become more creative in your problem solving abilities.

This may be a difficult task to accomplish at first, it may seem silly or incapable of producing the intended effect. Do not be discouraged, these small and simple things will produce results. You may also discover the circle of your colleagues change, your positive impacts will have a profound impact on those around you. It may become apparent to you that people understand you better, anticipate your next choices, and emulate your attitude. You will be wise to keep not acknowledge this to them, but continue encouraging them to do good things.

The Happy Secret to Better Work,
Shawn Achor, TED Talks,  May 2011


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