PROJECT: Picnic Table – Build 1

I have designed and built a picnic table for my backyard patio. It is my first time to do so. I sketched out a design from the memory of one I saw my father build as a dining room table. I wanted it to fit six (6) people. I designed it to be very sturdy, even over engineering it. While it has been enjoyable to build, already I have a better design planned for the next one.
These pictures show the progress of the table between the construction and the stain I will apply to weatherproof it.
The base of the table is made from pressure treated lumber to withstand the elements. The single upright on each end is bolted into the base and slightly elevated from the ground to prevent the base from sitting in water, or being worn down except on the fashioned feet.
Inline images 1

I have already purchased the steel framed seats for the table. Once complete the table will be stained and sealed with deck stain. The base is going to be a slate gray, and the top a redwood color.
Inline images 2

As an outdoor picnic table I could afford a more rugged appearance. The structure underneath is very sturdy with pressure treated cross members secured by 3" outdoor deck screws.
Inline images 3

The finishing touch is a red 9 foot (3m) umbrella which is positioned in the middle of the table to shade and protect the table from the elements. With small LED lights planned underneath the umbrella the table may be used in either night or day.Inline images 4
If I am pleased by the outcome of this table and still want to make another one, I may end up selling this on Craigs List at the end of summer for the cost of material.


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