Spring in Washington 2012

Spring in Washington DC has started. Included with the improved weather and warmer longer days are more sights to see.
This morning while taking a quick morning walk I was struck by two images which I was fortunate to take a quick picture of. First, was a man I have seen on the streets before. I beleive he without a home. He walks around with a well-crafted Capatain America shield on his home transport system (shopping cart). Seeing him I was struck by the high quality construction of the shield.

Another striking view are the trees that are beginning to bloom. These are not the pink blossoms of Cherry Trees that surround the Tidal Basin, made so famous by the Cherry Festival near the Jefferson Memorial. Instead, these are trees local (indigenous?) to the area that bloom this time of year. Their blooms along with the warmer days indicate the doors of winter are beginning to close as the windows of Spring return the colours, smells and pollen common with the season.

The gentle pink blossoms make this region of the United States an enjoyable place to live this time of year.


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