Rise of the TC Computer – Raspberry Pi

This week will likely be viewed by history as the start of a tidal shift in the computing world. Raspberry Pi is more than a delicious dessert. Except for the excitement of the hardware enthusists, the world focused on other things like Windows 8 or US politics; hardly new or interesting. 
On Wednesday 29 February 2012 the Raspberry Pi debuted to the public. The credit card size computer sold out its first run of 10,000 units in less than hour. The excitement was around the new inexpensive computing platform designed to interest young people in learning to program.
Raspberry PiWhat is It
Raspberry Pi looks like a circuit board. About the size of a business card the Raspberry Pi has two USB connectors, an ethernet connector, HDMI connector power slots and place to insert an digital storage chip. On board is a 700 Mhz processor and 256 MB of memory stroage. This is all enough to run a fully functional computer when connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. The best part is it was designed to make it easier for almost anyone to afford and use. At US$35 (£22) the computer makes it easier for anyone to get a fully functionl computer at a very reasonable price.
What makes this more exciting is the size, low power consumption and open ability means anyone with an inclination can create tiny computer applications. Already people are creating automated telephone voicemail services, building media centers and home automation applications. I have considered creating autombile interfaces, mobile teleconference boxes, GPS devices, decorative and elaborate cases and clean and elegant desktop workstations. The list goes and and as more and more people put their imagination to this new technology. One thing becomes clear, with this new technology someone is going to become very wealthy.
This week, will likely be viewed as the start of a new era, the rise of the TC (Tiny – Cheap) Computer and the beginning of a flood of inexpensive computer tools.

See also: Rise of the TC Computer – Raspberry Pi (pauldone.com)


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