Plan of Action: Realizing Dreams

The myth is ageless, a genie is released from a lamp and grants the liberator with three wishes. Magic lamps exist in fairy tales and legends, but real life requires work. This is what you have been taught since childhood; if you want to go outside and play you must clean your room first. The reward is conditional upon the effort put forth, the completion of tasks.
Without wishes or dreams would you do anything? These goals, or dreams propel us beyond our default destiny. If we do nothing but maintain course, continue doing what we are doing, the results of our actions yield our default destiny. Wishes add to life’s variety. Like a spice adds to a meal, the variety of life enhances life itself making everything else more meaningful.
Defining Dreams
Dreams are the conjured conditions of a mind that is not confined by the perceived realities of our existance. Dreams which escape imagination and transcend into our living world and become subject to realities become wishes. Itis not possible to take wish and make it a dream. Instead wishes come form dreams, the free form thought of our subconscious state creates wishes when recognize and act upon them.
Wishes Realized
Your mind has already told you something is possible. Regardless of how fanciful your dreams may be, the mind creates conditions based on your experiences. Your experiences have told your mind it is possible for something to occur. You must now decide if your dreams, the conjoured imaginations of an unrestricted mind will be realized.
Recording Dreams
Keep a record of your dreams, those which impact you and cause you to think or those you simply recall. Those dreams you remember escape the filter of an unreasonable action and will propel you to seize the acion only your mind has seen. Many famous people have recorded dreams that shape history, Caligula, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, nd Edgar Allen Poe all dreamed dreams that have changed the course of history.
Transform a Dream
For a dream to become a wish and a wish to be realized there must be action. Consider your dream and ask yourself if you want to pursue your dream. Decide the steps you can take to realize your wishes. Planning a course, defining you wish will enable you to reach higher heights that you otherwise could. It is all within you.


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