Recognizing the Need for Corrective Action

The day comes to everyone when they look in the mirror and say, ” Today I am good, but how can I be great?” This is our crossroads, when our option is to continue doing what we do and earn our default future. Our other option will be to decide where we want to be and make a plan to reach there.

The following pattern should help us make, execute and keep our goals.

Establish Baseline Expectations
Decide where you should be. If you have decided you need to have a certain educational goal – write it down. Once you know where you are, the first step is to define where you want to be.
Define Metrics
Your goal must be something which can be measured. A certain body weight is a target number. Things we can measure are empirical evidence of our progress toward our goals. Figure out how you will measure your goal as well as the progress to help you reach it.
Check performance against metric
Monitor your progress daily if necessary. If your goal is to complete a book by a certain date, mark your progress toward your goal. Monitor it.
Execute Pre-planned action
To reach a goal you need to know the steps, but you also need  to have defined the trajectory (speed and direction). Act on your plan.
Identify Source ‘Truths’
Find out what works – if it is correct it will work. Examine your trajectory to decide if it is helping you reach your goal. Correct as needed.
Improve Goals
You are hopefully reaching your goals. Once you have arrived at your destination, keep looking forward. From your new vista look ahead to find your next goal.

Recognizing the Need for Corrective Action


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