100+ Characteristics Every Man Should Have

I have found there exist a number of lists purporting the qualities every man should have. Not completely satisfied with any of them, I came up with a few of my own.

These are just a few I came up with in about an hour. The list is not completely exhaustive so if you have some add them as comments below.

100+ Characteristics Every Man Should Have

1 Accurately Measure Items

Measure twice, cut once saves frustration and gives you the ability to plan and build

Avoid lotion

Greasy hands are for mechanics not your dainty little elbows.

Backup a trailer

You don’t want your friends standing around nodding their heads when you can’t back up the


Balance a check book

If you cannot manage money you’ll end up paying someone else to – poor money management.

Basic Difference between gun calibers (link)

Don’t go shooting your mouth off or joining conversations where you cannot follow.


A man slaving over a smokey grill is the modern equivalent of a cave man.

Be able to describe the difference between 1080i and 720p (link)

To know quality and match your gadgets is the epitome of modern man.

Be Aware of the Cardinal Directions (link)

If you cannot sense north you’re bound to get lost.

Be Romantic

She may not remember to lift the seat, but she’ll always remember the roses.

10  Birthstones

You’ll avoid it, but remembering her birthstone will shorten your visit to the jewelry store.

11  Build furniture from a kit

Once you can read a book real literacy is following the pictures for pin A in slot B

12  Calculate square footage

You can buy more, but buying too much is wasteful and makes you look like a dolt.

13  Cast a Fishing Pole

Throwing a ball like a girl is one thing, but when you can’t cast past the dock you’re stuck with

bluegill forever.

14  Change a car tire

You’re not getting a flat when it is convenient. Showing up late with dirty hands makes for a

better story.

15  Clean a wound

Infections are not nearly as cool as the being pick out glass out road grit from your wound.

16  Clean windows

If you cannot see past the grime no one else will either.

17  Conduct an animal funeral

It doesn’t just gain you points in compassion, but disposing of an animal or pet is the best way

to move on.

18  Converse about world events (link)

Your experience matters when you can draw conclusions about the price of corn in Brazil.

19  Dance without music

She’ll think you’re spontaneous, you’ll feel like James Bond.

20  Defend Yourself in A Fight

Getting a black eye is not so bad when the other guy’s girl had to protect him from you.

21  Difference between kilo-, mega-, giga-, and tera-

100 gigs are better than 1,000 kilos

22  Draw a map for directions

They’ll remember you for good or evil – give them proof with your accurate directions

23  Dress Casual, Business Casual & Formal

Denim and cowboy boots are never good for church, nor are shorts and a t-shirt at work.

24  Drive a Manual Transmission (link)

Ferrari doesn’t make an automatic transmission in Formula One racers.

25  Drive a Nail (straight)

You can hit it all day long, but if you can’t hit it straight you’re not going anywhere.

26  Drive defensively

When you can survive stupid drivers it makes it easier to yell at them.

27  Estimate distance accurately (link)

Driving 1 kilometer and a mile are very different in a city.

28  Estimate the height of something taller than you (link)

Laugh at the guy who cuts down a tree landing on his house. Don’t be the guy.

29  Estimate the volume of material

Measure twice, fill once.

30  Find an answer using reference material (not internet)

They use to make these things called books, information was better vetted.

31  Fix a bicycle tire

You ride on 35 psi, you walk on 0.

32  Flirt without being disrespectful or offensive

She’ll appreciate the flattery, it never hurts to be nice.

33  Generally know the horoscope sign for a given date

Tell them you’re a Leo and they’ll be more likely to follow you.

34  Give a Gift Without Expecting Something

Tell them something nice, they’ll thank you. Give them something and they’ll remember you


35  Give a sincere compliment (link)

Knowing how to be nice will get you further than being nice.

36  Greetings in another language(s)

If you only speak to people in your time you’ve missed a world full of experiences.

37  Have readily available tools for basic jobs

If you can’t fix something because you don’t have a wrench – you’ve got bigger problems than

broken stuff.

38  How to Tie a Tie

At some point you will need to go somewhere ties are not optional.

39  How to Use levers and their components

Simple machines are more than effort and load.

40  Identify precious stones (link)

The receipts are different for turquoise and topaz. Rubies are for slippers not a girl’s best friend.

41  Iron a Shirt

Clothes have creases, just not all over.

42  Jumpstart a car

It is hard to explain acid burns when you don’t know the difference between + and –

43  Lift and carry your significant other

Carrying her a couple of feet goes further when her feet stay dry.

44  Lines from Classic Guy Movies (link)

Tom Cruise only repeats line someone else writes too.

45  Make a Salad With More than One Type of Lettuce

Iceberg is not the only green.

46  Make At Least One Meal Well

You may tire after a week of the same thing, but you live longer.

47  Make things water resistant

Water belongs in pools, puddles and poetry not the middle of your living room.

48  Military Ranks (link)

Generally speaking Captains are not Private about rank.

49  Mix and pour cement

Soupy cement doesn’t set well for steps.

50  Move an Object alone weighing more than you.

You don’t have to lift an elephant to move it somewhere.

51  Mow a Yard

Unmowed patches of grass look worse than an unmowed lawn.

52  Multiple ways to utilize duct tape

Nothing is ever broken for he who can hold the world together with duct tape and bailing wire.

53  Operate a DVD / TV

Eventually you’ll get a break from romantic comedies.

54  Parallel park a car

It is ironic that people don’t like their bumpers bumped.

55  Patch a hole in the wall

They’ll never ask if they don’t see it.

56  Perform Basic Maintenance of a Vehicle

Didn’t the dealer make enough money from you when you bought the car?

57  Perform CPR

Giving breath is so easy, you’re not using it anymore.

58  Perform mental math (link)

Four out of three people will believe anything with numbers.

59  Phonetically read another’s name

They didn’t choose their name, don’t make them hate their parents all over again.

60  Pick Out a Cologne

Nice cologne, but don’t marinate in it.

61  Player from a local sports team

You don’t have to be a season ticket holder to know their names.

62  Polish dress shoes

If you’re as polished as your shoes they’ll never look down around you.

63  Pour a carbonated drink without spilling

It doesn’t take much to tilt a glass to serve without making a mess.

64  Prepare and paint a wall

Nobody has to be an artist to paint a wall well.

65  Produce more than they consume

Contributing to society means providing more than you take.

66  Professionally shake hands

A firm handshake and a smile goes a long way.

67  Properly Tip in a Restaurant

Sections of society support their families based on the service they provide for you.

68  Put out fires

You can’t rule your universe if fire rules you.

69  Read a Map

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are.

70  Read a popular book about spies (link)

Only in fiction do men live like men dream explore your potentials.

71  Recognize when you are boring someone

Listening means while your speaking you hear the reaction of your words.

72  Remove a car stuck in mud

If you’re going to off-road you’ll have to get back on road sometime.

73  Remove a tick

The sofa is safe, but life happens outside.

74  Repair minor electrical problems

Taking a shock is awesome, avoiding it is Divine.

75  Research products before purchase

Caveat emptor – dissolve the hype.

76  Reset an electrical breaker

It is almost as easy as flicking a switch

77  Ride a Motorcycle

Two wheels, 500cc, open road – priceless.

78  Row a Boat / Kayak

Because it beats being stuck on shore.

79  Run Fast When you Have To

We don’t fear leopards, but sometimes it is fight or flight.

80  Separate and wash clothes

You can wash a load without them all coming out pink.

81  Setup a a computer

Sometimes the Junior High kids are in school.

82  Setup a tent

It is the best way to keep the boogey man away.

83  Sew a button

Don’t be helpless, it is just a needle and thread.

84  Sharpen a Knife

The best to cut a side of meat.

85  Shave Without Nicks

Right tool, right job. You don’t have to participate in daily self-mutilation.

86  Shoot a gun

Go ahead, make my day.

87  Show someone else constellations

These tales have come down through the ages, carry on the traditions.

88  Start a Fire

Cooking or clinging, fires have defined man through the ages.

89  Stop Bleeding

The life you save may be your own.

90  Sweat copper tubing (link)

Real men use fire to build things.

91  Swim

Nobody needs to call you Flipper, but you do have learn to swim.

92  Tell a clean and funny joke

Leave them laughing, be invited back.

93  Temporarily Fix an Appliance

Nothing should stand between a man and his pop tart in the morning.

94  Throw A Spiral (link)

You’ll never be Joe Montana, but you can throw a wobble-free ball.

95  Tie a dozen knots

Granny is not a knot, sheepshank just sounds cool.

96  To Catch and Dispose of Rodents

They have a place just not in your home.

97  Turn Off the Water Main

Control your lifeline during repairs and improvements

98  Type with more than two fingers

It is a modern world, join us

99  Use a Fire Extinguisher

It is there for a reason and the reason is not decoration.

100  Use caulk

You can fill voids of doubt and understand with caulk.

101  Way to start fire without matches or lighters

Man has evolved, fire has not.

102  Wrap a gift

Half the fun is when they tear through your artistic efforts.

103  Write a letter (not email)

How many emails have you ignored, how many letters have you kept?

104  Your suit size

A wardrobe is more than waist and inseams



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