Contest Give Away: Leadership Observation

I am creating the first contest giveaway on this blog. The contest will evaluate how well you know me in 1 of 5 areas:

  • Intellectual Ability
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Communication Skills
  • Managerial Ability
  • Leadership Examples

The contest will work like this:
Contestants will consider an instance where they are aware of my experience in one of the areas listed above. They will write a small overview of their observation describing how I exhibit one of the characteristics above. Include dates, time, location and other particular elements. Send this email including your name, phone number and email address to All submissions must be true and have the potential for independent verification. Winning submissions will be judged on completeness and the manner in which they exhibit my ability in one area listed above. My immediate relatives may submit experiences but will not be eligible for the cash prize. The exception is a referral fee (see below).

The top three submissions overall will receive $20 USD. If you refer a person with a winning submission you will receive $5 USD finder fee if they include your name on the original email submission. All entries must be received by 11:59 PM 05 November 2010. Not responsible for late or misdirected submissions.

Submissions may be modified or reused in publications and my professional profile.

The reason I am doing this is simple. I am participating in a voluntary management leadership training process. The submission I have written needs to include a participant who knew of some of the details of my action(s). This is not related to my present employment.

Feel free to send this to anyone who may be interested in providing a winning submission.


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