LDS Ward List on Google Earth

I have always enjoyed looking at maps. Recently, I have learned how to make maps and take electronic information to build electronic maps. I have created a set of instructions to show anyone how to take a list with location data and overlay this on a Google Map.

The following instructions are specifically for showing a member in an LDS unit (ward or branch) with access to the church website, to take a download of the ward list and create a Google Earth map. No technical skills necessary.

Please be very careful when using an LDS list of members. The list may not be shared or used for any commercial uses. It should not be shared or made publicly available with personally identifiable information. Consult your unit’s leadership with specific allowances and caution.



  1. Logon to the LDS Church website at (Note: Accounts are only available to LDS members. If you need an account see your unit’s membership clerk for instructions)
  2. Once you have logged on select the tools menu from the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Select Directory from the drop down menu.
  4. From the menu on the left hand side select Export Households
  5. Open the file in Microsoft Excel or similar device allowing you to edit columns of data.
  6. Delete all columns except those containing the following fields:
    1. Family Name
    2. Family Address
    3. Save the file as MLS-Export.csv
    4. Copy the contents of the file into your systems memory by selecting all (Ctrl-A) the data and press Ctrl-C
    5. Navigate your internet browser to
    6. Under Step 1: Paste your data below, use your mouse to click in the field. The complete frame should highlight blue.
    7. Using your keyboard press the delete key. All the sample data should be cleared now.
    8. In the same window use your keyboard to press Ctrl-V. The Family Name and Family Address should be the only fields that remain. The records from your ward list should now appear.
    9. Press the button Validate & Set Options
    10. Verify the Address or intersection drop down includes Family Address.
    11. Step 3: Geocoding, press the button marked Make Google Map.
    12. Allow the program to geocode your addresses. This may take several minutes.
    13. Once complete, scroll below the map and select the button Google Earth KML
    14. Save the file BatchGeo.kml to the desktop.
    15. Open Google Earth (installed on your computer).
    16. Select File -> Open -> Navigate to the file BatchGeo.kml on your desktop. Press OK.


REFERENCE: Map an LDS Ward.pdf

Note: These instructions are my own process. They are neither acknowledged or supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If there are errors or modifications they are mine and should not reflect otherwise on the Church or the programs they develop.


One thought on “LDS Ward List on Google Earth

  1. The church is already developing something with maps for the ward directory. As a matter of fact I just checked the new website and it is integrated into the tools section. Go to and click on tools then click on maps. If you are logged in it should give you a map showing your ward and show all members of the ward. You can then select any other ward in your stake and it will show them too. I also just noticed that it allows you to download the data for import into a GPS.

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