Shoe Day

The story goes when I was a toddler I loved K-Mart shoes. These were my favorite so much so that when we drove by K-Mart I would excitedly say “K-Mart Shoes!” pointing to the store.

Fortunately, my tastes have changed, but I am still excited when I get a new pair of shoes. For me, it is a big deal because when I find a good pair of shoes it takes a lot for me to want to change. However, today was the day – the Shoe Day.

When I returned home from work sitting on the floor of the entry hall was a box delivered by the postman. Knowing its contents I gingerly picked the box up off the floor. “The floor is no place for shoes like these”, I thought. Then, once my hands were clean and my heart pure I opened the box to find a pair of straight-from-the-factory black Dr Martens Nevin size 45 EU.

With new socks and a clean floor I laced these pedi-protector travelling companions around my feet. Immediately the pleasured marriage of crafted English leather and my worn feet joined in holy matrimony. The blissful union lingered long into the evening until such time it was awkward to continue wearing them to bed.

You may find it amusing my fascination with shoes. Unless you know otherwise Doc Martens are not just any shoe. These shoes began in the 1960 when in “Munich, Germany, Dr Klaus Maertens had a garage full of inventions, including a shoe sole almost literally made of air; in Northampton, England, the Griggs family had a history of making quality footwear and their heads were full of ideas. They met, like a classic band audition, through an advert in the classified pages of a magazine. A marriage was born, an icon conceived of innovation and self-expression”. (1)

The love child of this union is the Dr. Marten shoes I received today. I love Shoe Day.


2 thoughts on “Shoe Day

  1. I had no idea that you were a shoe guy! I share your enthusiasm for a quality pair of new kicks. However, when given the choice I usually choose quantity over quality so I probably don’t qualify for your standards of a pure heart. 🙂 Just so you can start planning for next year National Shoe Day is July 7, 2011. Mark your calendar!!

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