Doping Sports League (DSL)

Doping Sports League DSL

I do not condone doping in sports or drug use by anyone. The thought has recently occurred to me that as pervasive as drug use is in sports and the claims it creates an unfair playing field there needs to be a solution to address the problem. The solution I developed was a Doping Sports League (DSL). The DSL would be an organized league to include all sports where performance enhancing athletes compete against each other. Their competition would put athletes with natural skill, developed talents and the  best scientific modifications against each other. The league would not require doping tests and athletes would maintain their competitive advantage by keeping their doping exploits private from others.

As with any league it would necessary for a Commission to lead each sport. The inaugural commission would have their roots in present-day sports league with particular knowledge in their field. The following list includes potential officers (not no claim or assertion for doping are any basis for these nominations)

Commissioner: Barry Bonds
Ombudsman: Marion Jones
Goodwill Ambassador: Lance Armstrong
Operations Director: Floyd Landis
Chief Medical Officer: Arthur Ting, M.D.
Public Affairs: Tiger Woods
Board of Directors:
A.J. Allmendinger
Andre Agassi
Clint Boyer
Jose Canseco
J.C. France
Hulk Hogan
Mark McGuire


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