No More Phonebooks

The thought occurred to me that I have not looked in a phone book or yellow pages to get a number for years. Sure, I get as excited as the next person when the new phone book arrives. “My name in print in a major publication – it is like I am famous”.  I quickly scan to the section of the white pages marked “D”, madly flip pages until I reach my name. There it is, in black a white right between Donelly and Dondleicki; my family name – Done. Typically I am the only, very rare have been one of two Dones in my town. I always knew we’d become something and having our name in print just goes to prove I am somebody. Then I am just as quick to pitch the phonebook in the rubbish bin because it has lost its allure.

The phonebook is a dated bit of history whose only purpose is to put under a potted plant or amaze your friends with your ability to tear the whole book in half. Somewhere there is a dotty old man at the phone company whose job it is to collect advertisers money for this publication. This is likely the only reason it remains.

The day of the phone book is long past. Let’s buck the book, pitch the pages and reduce the waste. Tell your phone provider you don’t want it any longer.


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