Secret to Solving Tech Problems

Are you amazed by the magic your tech support accomplish? Do you think it might be interesting to solve the problems your company’s ‘Geek Squad‘ solve without breaking a sweat? I am here to expose the secrets held in strict confidence by the Technicien Internationale et Reponse de Emergencie Detail (T.I.R.E.D).

Developed in the late 1970’s with the emergence of network computing environment the OSI Model conceptually subdivided systems based on similar functions. The division classes are popularly referred to as Physical, Data, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application. Some people choose to remember this with the mnemonic “People Don’t Need To Study Protocols Anyway”.

This model originally designed for network system administration may be applied to basic troubleshooting techniques. 9 times out of 10 computer problems are solved at the physical layer – a classic CTCS problem. (aka “Check The Cable”)


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