My 911 Call

After church Sunday 20 June 2010 about 4:10PM I was informed by my children there was someone in our car in the parking lot who will not get out.

I walked outside and found my wife in the driver’s seat of her car and an unknown non-responsive woman in the passenger’s seat of the car. I asked the lady if she was ok and observed her sitting in the seat with her head slumped over. She was breathing but clearly had problems.

I called 911 to explain the situation. They dispatched a fire rescue truck and two ambulances within minutes. While waiting for the paramedics to arrive I observed the lady who was dressed in a heavy denim jacket and denim pants with thick cotton socks. Her right hand appeared very red (sunburned?) on this hot day. I surmised that she had likely been in the heat of the sun for a while.

When the paramedics arrived they did the same thing of trying to get the lady to respond, she did not. They removed her jacket and one paramedic lifted the lady with his arms above him to gently lay her on the gurney brought by another paramedic.

The police arrived to get a report. We guessed this lady from an assisted living complex right next door to the church. The lady must have left the complex and came to the first unlocked car in the parking lot to sit down.

After thirty minutes the lady appeared to have a core body temperature of 105F (40.5C). She was transported to a local hospital. The police took digital pictures to take to the local assisted living homes for identification.


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