Hold Outs to Become Drop Outs

This week Facebook is sponsoring the f8 conference. The buzz coming out of the conference is that Facebook is poised to canvas the web as the social fabric tying our lives together through its interface. Who didn’t see this coming? Facebook is almost a directory for the planet, and now will become the unifying force not just among friends but colleagues across the planet.

Evidence of this is docs.com a partnership between Facebook and Microsoft for sharing documents using the Facebook interface. Still in an early beta, participation is limited to a few invited users. Once the service is widely available it will be as common to check Facebook for recreation as it is for collaborative work. Those who still think Facebook is all play or fail to understand the role social networks are in our productive lives will quickly be left by the roadside. Who needs a worker who cannot effectively use all the tools at their disposal?

If the future of using Facebook on document sharing and related websites hits the workplace it will be more important to manage what is posted on your account. There is nothing like your boss seeing your weekend party as they login to update the vendor document shared among your office colleagues.

Reference: http://link.pauldone.com/facebookdocs


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