I Am Proud of Her

After today’s events I made to get approval to write this so as not to receive the same fate described below. This chronicle is from a non-participant’s perspective as far as I was able to gather the facts.
Our youngest daughter was sick today causing her to stay home from school with my wife and home-schooled son. As is typical, even sickness would not keep these two kids from fighting. The arguments started early and escalated throughout the morning. This raised my wife’s stress level early.
Later in the day Imelda had to take the kids to the library to take care of some errand. While they were walking out our son dropped from his mouth on the street or sidewalk a new piece of gum. If it fell or he spit it is not the point it was that a woman walking near them snapped at our son telling him he better take care of that gum as she “doesn’t want to step in that…
One thing you have to understand is that as stern as Imelda is with the kids no one, not even the kids father (poor little me) better get in the way of this mother’s young. What this lady did not know was that she stepped into something worse than gum rudely scolding one of Imelda’s children.
The kids looked at their mother in shock and a switch turned on in Imelda’s mind. She followed the lady toward the library and asked her who she thinks she was and what kind of “momma” she is to tell people to pick things up. Imelda wasn’t dealing with a lightweight scrapper either. This “momma” and Imelda yelled back and forth at each other outside the library while Imelda explained to this “momma” who should tell her son to pick up the gum. I am proud of my sweetheart.
For those who know Imelda, she is mostly sweet and gentle. Even in private (mostly) she will be kind. Hell hath no fury as Imelda scorned. I feel bad for my wife that someone flipped her switch. Note to the world if you get in the way of Imelda and her kids, you will eventually leave the incident with a chewed tail. Her memory is long and her wrath hath no end – you will burn. I know from experience.
Not one to let an opportunity go by I knew while coming home from work today she was upset from the day’s events. She would be emotionally wiped and regretting some of her choices. Before coming home I stopped by the store and picked up a dozen cut tulips and snacks to pacify the beast within. In fourteen years of marriage (this week) I have never had the opportunity to buy flowers as a peace offering for something I did/didn’t do. Now as I look at the vase of flowers that sit in our dining room they are a reminder that Imelda will protect her kids to the end and her endurance level is high.
Another account: Imelda’s words
Police Blotter (coming soon)

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