Introducing Sompwerkz Lab

I have created Sompwerkz Labs. The lab will be the place where I conduct all of my technical development projects. The lab comes as a result of a discussions I’ve had with my professional coach and supervisor. I will lead as the primary architect and lab manager. Currently, the focus of my projects will serve the administrative needs of the University I serve.

The projects that come out of Sompwerkz will be primarily technical in nature. Some of the implementations will include innovative teaching enhancements, business operation improvements and related projects.

Not able to work alone part of my work will be finding people who have the skill, ability and vision to develop technical solutions. Not solely looking for gear-heads Sompwerkz will need team members who can inspire and share vision. Not afraid to cross the line members will live by the Sompwerkz motto “Do Little Harm

Sompwerkz is here into perpetuity. Sompwerkz is black ops for business.

Watch future developments at


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