Events Blamed on the Large Hadron Collider

Messery, France – Margaret Vahallen reported seeing the first occurance of a phenomenom being called pre-event observation (PEO). This phenomenom is is characterised by  people observing objects repeating events which  occur within moments of each other.  Mme. Vahallen reporting sensing someone behind her while she walked between rooms in her home. When she turned around she noticed a person identical to herself walking as she did setting a glass of water on the table. The peculiarity of the event was the person identical to Mme. Vahallen spent a few seconds repeating the event that Mme. Vahellen had just completed before immediately disappearing from view.

These events left a middle-age Madame Vahallen unsettled. These and similar events have been happening all day in the region around Messery, France.

In another event a elderly man who wishes to remain anonymous called police after a gardener who had been preparing flower beds came twice to the door asking for payment. The man knew something was wrong when the second time the gardener disappeared from view after the elderly man looked down at his walking cane.

Doctors have reviewed subjects with these claims but remain unable to find medical causes for these events. Demonstrators around the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) claim the activation of colliding protons todays are exactly why the work done with the LHC  must be terminated.


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