Marrying Rachel and Leah

I read and have enjoyed a thought regarding Jacob from the book of Genesis. Jacob fell in love with Rachel and did all he could to marry her. After working for seven years to earn her hand in marriage he was given Rachel’s older sister Leah.

The author Mort Fertel writes the following regarding the situation Jacob found himself in when he wanted to marry Rachel. He says, ” Jacob lived in the community as a single man for seven years.  He knew the tradition that the older sister marries first.  That’s why he didn’t complain about marrying Leah….Jacob knew he had to marry Leah–that wasn’t a problem for him.  He wanted to marry Rachel, and the fact that he did not–that was a problem for him.  So when he was told that he would marry Rachel, he was satisfied.  That’s all he wanted.  He didn’t need an explanation for why he married Leah.  He knew he had to marry Leah in order to marry Rachel.  He knew that to marry the woman of his choice, he had to marry the woman of his fate too.  And that’s why the story of Jacob serves as a paragon for a successful marriage.  Because the truth is when you marry, you marry Rachel and Leah.  You choose your spouse which you don’t yet know–your fate.  And to succeed in love, you have to commit to both–Rachel and Leah, your choice and your fate, the revealed and the unrevealed.

Most people don’t enter a marriage with this attitude.  Most people, when they wake up to find Leah next to them, complain that Leah was not their choice.  Most people become frustrated with their spouse and their marriage when they discover character flaws, problems, and differences.  Most people feel so duped into marrying Leah that they divorce Rachel.  But it’s not possible to marry one without the other.  Leah always appears.  The key to success in love and marriage is to know what to do when “she” does.

Soul mates are not perfect for each other.  Soul mates love each other with all their imperfections.  Soul mates love each other no matter what.

The author’s description of Jacob’s state of mind is left to consideration. However, the lesson is valid. It is inevitable that as married people look to each other they may feel they have fallen out of love, or otherwise no longer know to whom they are married. The truest lesson is love each other for all their strengths and weaknesses. Some even say for better and worse.


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