Thwarted Again!

In the capstone project of my senior year in college I created a business model for a company that would provide subscribers movies by mail. The idea was to replace video rental stores with movies by mail. It was a simple model and the costs involved were mostly minimal – postage. About a year later a company called Netflix came out – their business was delivering DVDs by mail. DOH!

When I first moved to Virginia in 2005 I wanted to let my wife know when I left work since our commute changed from 5 minutes to about 45 minutes. I had a Dell Axim at the time and thought if I used a webpage with a simple form I could log my actions on that as I walked out and she would get an email. Shortly thereafter this thing called Twitter came out where users could create an account make short updates that would be broadcast to their friends and followers. DOH!

Little over a year ago I started working on an idea about how to use social network (currently the rage) on the internet to filter through the volumes of data. People who submit data would be ranked and peer evaluated based on their “presence factor”. Here is my original post. I called it a CDP a Community Democracy Platform. This morning one of my first reads was another visionary Gina Trapani has a new job working on a project called ThinkTank at ExpertLabs. ThinkTank allows a user to ask a question and compiles the numerous responses to find a meaningful answer. Both ThinkTank and my platform CDP address the Grand Challenges project announced by President Obama in 2009. DOH!

Three DOHs! in a morning indicate something is wrong and is not working here. How is it that I can come up with ideas before others that later turn in to be amazing worldwide phenomenons? What is it about me, my environment, my ideas that cause me to miss the boat over and over again? What can I change to not miss the next big idea?

This brain is itching to get out.


One thought on “Thwarted Again!

  1. LOL. I know how you feel, Paul. In 1994, just after the Internet became public (i.e. “Invented by Al Gore), I had an idea to have people submit pictures and information about their homes for sale and I would put them on the Internet for all to see! That was one of my DOH! moments. I found that it was my lack of self-confidence that stopped me from moving forward. I’m not saying that is what your problem is, but that’s what kept me in my box.

    Next time you come up with another brilliant idea, “Just Do It”! Jim

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