5 Best Websites? Tough One

I was recently asked what are the 5 best websites. That is incredibly difficult. If you are as involved in electronic media as I you can rattle off 50 websites with their complete URLs in less than a minute.

Here is my quick list:
google.com – more than a website the phenomenon that is Google easily tops my best of list if it is a website, a research tool, or applications for the new knowledge-worker, the list goes on.

twitter.com – again, more than a website this application gives me a pulse of what is going on among my circles. In many cases my followers and I have never met. Yet we exchange common interests and backgrounds across a wide spectrum of topics. I discover and have been discovered as a result of this tool (a topic for a future post).

facebook.com – for me this is more than an idle time-sink. Facebook again gives me a pulse of those I know and some I do not who share interests. The networking done in facebook is reflective of person to person interactions but extend beyond realms and complement our interactions.

pauldone.com – I heard almost 15 years ago that people will create personal websites based on their name. I have done this created a website which is an ever-evolving project where I dream, experiment and develop tools to creative innovative technical solutions. I like my own website for the sandbox ability it provides of thinking, testing, developing and sharing.

lifehacker.com – my number 5 spot changes a lot. However, I come back often to LifeHacker with its creative tips tricks and secrets for improving life and how we do the things we do.

What about you – what are your favorite websites? Leavc your favorites below as comments to share and compare.


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