Another Browser? Google Chrome is Worth Trying

I really try to keep things simple, so introducing something new to add to your computer is done with caution. However, when the tool is as great as Google Chrome is I think it is noteworthy.

First of all, Google Chrome is another free offering from Google. The internet browser enters a competitive arena with the likes of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. With versions available in Linux, Mac and Windows, Chrome is designed differently from the beginning. Increasing the speed of web site delivery, using open standards and offering developer extension creation the browser is poised to be a significant market contender.

First Look
Chrome may be downloaded for free from Google at (shortcut: ). After installing the small program it looks like any other browser, in fact it looks a little thin. Without the large menus and large number of icons at first there is not much to it.

Digging Deeper
The real power in this new browser is  what you can do with it to make it yours. Extensions are add-ons created by Google or in many cases by users to add functionality to the browser and customizing the use to meet your needs. Extensions such as Google 1 Number, IE Tabs, or Delicious each are extensions allowing you to create, connect, share, or keep updated on the things that matter most to you.

Chrome is worth using now. As Google makes in-roads into our use of the internet this browser is another tool designed to enhance our efficiency.


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