Follow Changes to a Website in ‘Real Time’

Problem: I want to know when a change has been made to a website without checking it everyday.
Solution #1: Subscribe to an RSS feed of the site. If the website creator publishes an RSS feed subscribing to the site makes it possible to be notified the moment a change is made. Problem to Solution #1 – not all sites have RSS feeds so subscibing is not possible.
Solution #2: Use Google Reader to follow a webpage. When changes are made to the site Google Reader will periodically go out and check the site for changes. Google Reader (web based application) will notify you when a change has been made and even provide you a small snippet of the change.
Application: If your job is enhanced by disseminating information from other departments’ webpages and they have no other way of directly informing you of changes in a timely manner this may be a solution for you. Find the page with the most pertinent information subscribe to it in Google Reader and wait for changes.
This is a new feature only announced yesterday 25 January 2010. I immediately thought of a discussion we recently had right along these lines. For more information you may read the post here.

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