100k Miles & Going Strong

Tonight while driving home with my sons we all watched as the car magically rolled 100,000 miles (~161,000 km). There was tension in the air, a sugary smell of a tropical air fresher wafted through the car’s cabin. The purr of the engine and clicking of LCD digits. We noticed it at 99,998, setting the trip meter we knew exactly when it would turn. We filled the car with gas at the corner station, proceeded around the corner. Click, click, click. The numbers drew near. Finally as if one’s favorite sports team scored the winning point we passed a stop sign and gently pulled over to the curb. As we did, as though the car knew of its triumph, the numbers rolled regally to 100,000. The car erupted with cheers, as we patted each other on the back as though each of us did our part we celebrated the moment – a moment we’ll look at in years and remember with curious amazement – WHY?!


2 thoughts on “100k Miles & Going Strong

  1. I’m guess that’s a Honda Accord judging by the huge speedometer numbers. Its always fun to hit a milestone, I pushed a Ford Ranger over 200k, but I had only accounted for the last 20k or so. Now my new car is only at 51k, so I got a few to go.

    • It is a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. It has been such a good car and is very well cared for. Figure if we take good care of our things they will take good care of us.
      You’re right though these milestones are fun.

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