No Hands But Our Hands

Shortly after the culmination of the Second World War, a devastated city in England began its heartbreaking and weary work of restoration. In the old city square had stood a large statue of Jesus Christ with His hands outspread in an attitude of invitation. On the pedestal were carved the words, “Come unto me.”
In the process of the restoration of the statue, with the aid of master artists and sculptors, the figure eventually was reassembled, except for the hands of which no fragments could be discovered anywhere in the surrounding rubble. Someone made the suggestion that the artists, since the former hands could not be found, would have to fashion new hands.
Later came a public protest, couched in the words, “No, leave Him without hands!” So today, in the public square of that English city, the restored statue of Christ stands without hands, and on its base are carved the words, “Christ has no hands but ours!”
At this Christmas time, let’s think of something we can do!

Author unknown


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