Autumn’s Last Stand

The last day of Fall 2009 went out with a vengeance. Overnight a powerful snow storm came through the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Throughout North Carolina, Virginia and neighboring states the region was covered in 14-21 inches (31-54cm) of heavy snow.

I came home late Friday night after the snow began falling. I was able to clear a portion of the driveway and walk in hopes of reducing the amount of snow that would accumulate overnight. Between 12:30a and 1:00a I cleared the areas only to discover where I began had already been covered again with snow. Saturday morning was the same, twice during the day I tried to clear around the house only to have have it covered shortly after starting. My attempts were not with the expectation that it would stay clear, just easier to clear later.

The region will be covered by snow for some time. As of Saturday night there are areas of drifted snow that are more than 36 inches (91 cm). There are banks of snow lining the driveway leading into the house that are over 4 feet.


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