THOUGHT: Information Management

The thought occurred to me that there is so much information about people regardless of how private they think they may be. The common argument I hear people have against the internet and web 2.0 is ‘I don’t want to share x about me‘. This is valid but shows serious myopic vision. My counter is if you cannot manage the information about you, you will be managed by the information valid or not. It is impossible to put the smoke back into the candle. Today, western society is dependent on information and makes decisions based on its flow.

The reason I thought about this was that I am piecing together all the skills and experience I have developed over the years and can imagine and (have) developed applications that make decisions based on collected data. Knowing where to find information and being able to correlate it to seemingly unrelated data, then using that to make informed decisions seems so easy now. I like to imagine that this is what government intelligence agencies do – collect data (vast volumes), look for patterns, make hypotheses, experiment and dis/prove conclusions.

If you do not actively manage the information about yourself, you will be managed by it in the not so distant future.


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