REVIEW: NTB Tire Company – Poor!

I am sure my multiple experiences are an anomaly, but NTB Tire Company in Manassas, Virginia has permanently lost a customer. In the past we have had our oil changed in their Manassas office only to be drawn in by a supposed deal to find it a sale’s pitch for the up-sell.

Today it occured again. We were drawn in by a supposed rebate to find the catch not explained until the sale that we had to buy their road size hazard service. I can tolerate a bait-and-switch but when the up sell is so high and dependent on so many shady factors I get leary. What finally broke the camel’s back was we were told the car could be done in an hour. When we returned after an hour and the car had not been moved the staff did not consider our time precious until we asked for the keys back to our car. Oh, then they were active, then they said they were pulling it in the bay to start the work. Sorry, three strikes you’re out.

NTB, we went across the street to Costco who were equally busy. They however were considerate of our time – more interested in maintaining a relationship with us after the sale and were less expensive by $200 for a better tire without a mail-in rebate.

To NTB I’d say ‘Get your act together’. However, I don’t want you to. Your shady practices and dishonest tactics should be eliminated. If you keep treating customers like this you will have less and less until you no longer exist. That is what I want – for you to no longer exist.

NTB should be changed to NBT – Nothing But Trouble


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