Interesting Activity

On occassion your gut tells you something is not right. This morning a young lady riding the Mason Shuttle from Manassas to Fairfax saw a gray vehicle pull into the mall parking lot in Manassas. The late model gray sedan had severe front end damage almost as though it hit a light pole. As we were pulling out of the parking lot we noticed the car had parked near a line of trees at the far end of the parking lot. Out of the vehicle came a mid twenties darker skined man wearing khaki pants, a dark hooded sweatshirt. This man walked away from the mall  about 0710 on 24 Novemeber 2009 leaving the vehicle with the driver side window open. This man left the vehicle walking away form the mall alogn Sudley Road toward I-66.

This lady and I talked about the peculiarity of the event. We surmised that the man was not the owner of the car and the damage was probably recent as it was so severe. He could have been in an accident and possibly will claim the vehicle is stolen.


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