POLICY – Printed Materials

Printing Procedure

Proposed Guidelines for Preparation and Administration of Printed Material

School of Management

Reference: http://pauldone.com/2/?feds3z

Overview: Printed materials are provided to students under the following criteria:

1)   Printer material describes the class schedule, expectations, and/or performance metrics.

2)   An exam will be given in class and collected within the same class period.

3)   An exam is used to evaluate a student’s understanding or performance.

4)   Does not include class notes, lecture material or copyrighted material.

5)   Is not a duplication of material that may otherwise be included on electronic systems (i.e Blackboard, news articles, or journal publications)

6)   Personal print requests or non-mission related materials are prohibited.


Print Requests

Material to be distributed in class may be printed at area/department’s expense when submitted through the Print Office. Where practical all material should be printed on both sides of the paper.


Print requests may be submitted through designated area support or department managers only. Accounting (org/cost) codes must be included on all requests. Charges must be assigned to the area/department supporting the class or activity. Cost sharing on individual jobs is impractical and should be discouraged when at all possible. If two organizations are sharing the cost of printed material it is recommend the order be split into as many orders as are funding the deliverable.


Print requests should allow for the time required by the Print Office to reasonably produce the desired product. Area support and department designates will inform their constituents of the normal lead time required. Emergency, time-critical or rush jobs are discouraged and may require justification when submitted.


Printed Material Security

Printed materials should be made available to the requester when requested. If conditions make the desired delivery time impossible or potentially delayed the requester should be notified by gmu.edu email and in person (when possible).


1)   All requests for printed material must be made through area/department designates.

2)   All requests should be logged to include:



3 of 3


    1. Requester name
    2. # of copies
    3. Finishing features (stapled, hole-punched, duplex, etc)
    4. Request category (General, Syllabus, Exam, Handouts/Misc)
    5. Unique tracking number
    6. Org code (or organizational account)
    7. Contact’s gmu.edu email address



3)   All requests submitted electronically should be in .pdf format.

4)   Electronic submissions for exams should be password protected. (Example: an adjunct’s unique door code)


Printed Material Security (con’t)


Security is based on the category of the request. The following guidelines generally describe the measures to be implemented in the processing and handling of printed materials.



Any print job that does that require special handling, processing or transfer controls. Print jobs such as these may include any non-classroom deliverable.


Finishing Recommendations

All general print jobs should have the following finish options




All syllabus to be distributed to class participants on the first day of class. All requests should be submitted electronically to area support the week prior to the start of classes. Electronic submissions must be in .pdf format and posted on the School of Management’s website.


Finishing Recommendations

All syllabus should by default have the following finish options:

Dual sided

Stapled (where applicable)

Three hole punched

Delivery Recommendations

Depending on the size of the print job syllabus may be delivered in reusable campus mail envelopes or as loose leaf rubber banded options.




An exam is any paper instrument provided to a student used to evaluate a student’s understanding or assessment of learning. All in-class exams must maintain distribution integrity by means of the following:


Finishing Recommendations

All syllabus should by default have the following finish options:

Dual sided (where applicable)

Stapled (where applicable)

Delivery Requirements

All exams must be secured until they are in the custody of the instructor or proctor delivering the exam.

Exams may only be picked up by the area/department designate.

Exams are sealed in tamper evident envelopes until they are delivered to the instructor/proctor.

Where possible plastic shrink wrapped covering should enclose the print job (including originals)

The print job is maintained by the Print Steward in a key locked device.

Keys are specifically issued to area/department designate(s).

Exams may not reside or secured in public areas or areas open to the public.

Once in custody of the Print Steward a paper log must be maintained describing the movement of the exam.

Print Steward will notify the instructor/proctor by email the exam is ready for pickup and provide hours pickup is available. (Regular business/support hours)

Delivery of the exam must be received on the paper form by the instructor/proctor either personally known by the Print Steward or presented with credentials previously authorized.

Email confirmation of delivery concludes the custody of the exam by the Print Steward.



All miscellaneous print requests should include the following characteristics by default. This category may more generally cover administrative uses of print requests. Where practical paper copies should be replaced by electronic versions generally available. Forms may include electronic versions that can be completed and submitted online.


Finishing Recommendations

All handouts and miscellaneous print requests should by default have the following finish options:

URL(internet address) in the footer

Dual sided

Stapled (where applicable)

Three hole punched

Delivery Recommendations

Depending on the size of the print job syllabus may be delivered in reusable campus mail envelopes or as loose leaf rubber banded options.


Concluding Recommendations

1.    Area and department printers may not be used to print jobs intended for wide distribution.

2.    Exams may never be printed on locally or network connect printers (exception: one copy of the original exam)

3.    Class distributed materials must be printed in the Print Office including all syllabus.




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