New & Improved – Nope, Just Moved

For all of you who missed the daily blogs I wrote – they have returned. Ok, both of you will have something new to read.

I have been changing the domains I host on personal servers lately. I use to run a blog from my domain. I am preparing to retire that and migrate everything to

Things have been so busy lately I hardly have time for personal projects like I use to. I am about 4 weeks from finishing graduate school. I having been serving in a bishopric since May  2009 and just helping raise a great family. Sorry.

Going forward I have chosen to host this blog at

If you are interested in seeing the applications I am developing these remain on the site. Some projects include:

Drupalweb content management system
A personally designed contact manager to manage contact reports and emergency preparedness for a 200+ family LDS ward
Ward GIS –
a personal GIS application for use in my calling in the LDS Manassas 2nd Ward
a social media conglomerate integrating Facebook, Twitter and vaious other Google Wave – like applications
Stopping the Web of Conspiring Mena series of lectures and firesides I am preparing for teaching safe, efficient and effective use of the Internet among LDS youth and adults


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