Missionary Farewell & Amazing Developments

It was in the early hours of Friday 11 September 2009 we got a call from my sister-in-law from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her call was to let us know that my nephew Ezekiel was giving his missionary farewell in their sacrament meeting to be held in about 5 minutes. The really interesting thing was the meeting could be viewed via video stream on the internet.

My wife and I watched the stream and were amazed by the video quality. The great thing was that we were able to watch the entire meeting. The really great thing was that Ezekiel’s talk was wonderful, he discussed how priesthood service helped him grow and serve. Through his teenage years he was surrounded by quorums that shaped his life. He served by going out and finding the less active, home teaching, and learning along the way by doing the work.

After the meeting, we turned off the computer and could not help but think first, how pleased we are of Ezekiel and his preparation and willingness to serve. Second, the technology that connects us allowing us to see a local meeting from the Middle East.

It may seem odd to an LDS reader that a sacrament meeting is held on Friday. In the Middle East, to respect local traditions the Sabbath and related meetings  for LDS congregations are held on Friday. Another thing is the video stream appeared to have an LDS internet address.   The meeting house was not large, in fact the room where the meeting was held appeared large enough for fifty or so people, and the podium and stand small enough for only about 10 people.

In all I amazed and grateful for being able to participate in a meeting being held live across the world in a small meetinghouse. I am very pleased with Ezekiel’s preparation and desire to serve in the Auckland New Zealand mission. When he enters the MTC on October 1 he will begin a mortal journey he has been prepared for before he was born.


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