Washington & Old Dominion Trail

Loving referred to as the “WOD” the Washington & Old Dominion trail is a converted rail to trail line. Previously an old railroad line from Arlington Virginia the WOD has been converted and paved into a two lane asphalt trail.

This weekend Andrew and  I rode the WOD from Reston to Purcelleville, Virginia. Roundtrip we completed 54 miles on bicycle in 4:32. I sensed very early in the trip this was a special trail. In fact it was the WOD is under the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and is a park (trail only) 15 feet (5 meters) wide and 44 miles (72 km) long. Along the entire path are rest areas, vending machines, water and free air pumping stations. The trail is the best maintianed bike trail I have ever seen (sorry IA).

It is obviously a loved trail as well. The Saturday we rode it was filled. We met some very nice people of all ages and abilities. I saw some of the nicest bicycles I have only seen in magazines or online. For me the people were great – for some reason the spinning of well maintained gears energize my soul. Along the trail some much more experienced riders were racing along. I had a great time allowing them to pass and then speeding to keep up with them until Andrew was left behind to far. I would slow and wait for him but was well impressed how he did as well.

If you are ever in the area and can get out on the trail I highly recommend it. If you want a riding partner I too am inclined to compare skills at any pace.


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