Free Form Directed Thought

I may use the terms incorrectly but I practiced a technique today I wanted to share.  I have heard it called mind mapping, free thought, even spit-balling. It is where you take a core idea and develop the components leading to a solution or elements of solution.

For example today I wanted to know how I could develop an attribute lacking in my life. I wrote that goal in the middle of a piece of paper. I started to consider ‘what are the elements of someone with this attribute?’. As thoughts came to my mind I would write them down. I had the added benefit that I was also doing this exercise while attending church. I listened to people speak, lessons taught and continued to write down thoughts that came to my mind. All day I added to this my ‘thought-web’.

By the end of the day I had a small page filled with components, actions and very personalized actions I could undertake to develop my desired attribute.

You can also try something like considering a problem or goal. Write this in the middle of piece of paper. Carry this paper with you for a time – call it your Process Paper. Consider it during your day’s activities. As you hear something, or otherwise think of your problem immediately write down your thought.  Do not limit yourself to lists alone, if you are inclined to draw pictures include them use branches to link similar concepts or ideas. Consider you tangential or related thoughts as they are relative to your goal – write these down as well.

When you decide you have reached your resolution examine your work. Decide what components are applicable, required or otherwise relative. Transfer these outcomes to a separate page and call them Resolutions.

Keep a collection of your process papers. Periodically review them, and add to them as necessaary. You will in time have a rich repository of life lessons learned.


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