Fiddling with FiOS

FiOS is the fiber optic network which delivers ultra high speed internet access to homes and businesses. Today we had FiOS installed in the home bundling phone, internet, and HD-television in a single package. The bundled package is affordably priced and reduces our cost for having all the services previously done separately.

I am impressed that FiOS allows us to continue serving our home web server. This was a selling point for me. When I spoke the FiOS representative I explained that I have web applications (I refrained from saying server) that I use in the home that must be accessible on the internet. I indicated that the FiOS plan I needed must allow port 80 incoming. The technician indicated they do not block any ports.

Now I have a dynamic IP which I use my account with to update my server record (DNS A-record) for this blog, and my web server. Sorry, this may sound very geeky, but the projects I work on in my personal time have benefits both professionally and satisfy a hobby.

I am pleased and would recommend this service to anyone where it is available.


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