Twitter: FDIC is Going Broke

The FDIC Is Going Broke… or at least getting close

The speed that information flows on the internet now is spectacular. However the speed at which information flows does not always allow for proper verification of facts. Case in point the Twitter post by
Jon Washburn was re-tweeted or re-broadcast by  from a Matt Wilkins

There is no means to verify the validity of this article. However, the lesson learned here is that people who Twitter have a tendency to build credibility. Those who have a history of credibility generally gain that based on either first hand knowledge or credible contacts.

With credible Twitter contacts you can use Twitter to gain important decision making information as it happens from people who have a history of knowing. Don’t think that Twitter is a kids game, or marketing tool alone. If you require information what source is faster than immediately from people on the scene or in the know?


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