Phone Tree from a Web

Every once in a while I come across a real gem. Today was a discovery day when a number of things surfaced. The first one was a service that allows you to broadcast voice messages to a select group of phone numbers. Technically, I have heard this called a phone tree where one person calls a phone tree and the message is routed and directed to a number of selected people.
This has great promise for people you need to get emergency notices to in a hurry. For me I considered using this in an emergency to call twenty key people to let them know an email server is down. It can also be used in disaster situations where your job is to broadcast a notice for action among twenty people who will call twenty other people each. My supervising co-worker (boss -sorry :)) created one of these called ‘Now Hear This’ for daily agenda items.
A new feature is the ability to archive these messages and spread them through other social media like Twitter, Facebook or email.
This is a product with great potential. For the basic version it is free which can’t be beat for small deployments.
Give it a try at


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