LEARNED: Qualities of Leadership

“It is one quality of leadership to exceed the expectation of those you lead. Leaders are followers of a great plan that is universally beneficial.” (Paul M. Done)

It is sometimes by sad experience I learn from my mistakes. I much prefer learning from other’s mistakes so as not to make them myself. Nevertheless life is educational experience with the potential for great rewards.

I have considered what it means for those who lead us. It is not just an admirable quality to be different, it is required. A leader must stand before us and be different, have vision, and have personal integrity. It is too often the proud, well-spoken and persuasive alone who think they are leaders and make us believe so. If these are those we follow we end the trip no better off than if we had walked alone.

True leaders do not feed the population milk and honey to simply make them fat and happy, they lead them to a better way having personal integrity. Leaders make the choice of difficult alternatives beneficial and encourage others by their example to want to follow. Leaders love those whom they serve.

This is what I am learning – integrity, love, and service.


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