The Measure of Our Existence

This evening the family and I played Wii Sports. My favorite was boxing; it is a very active experience and rather accurate with blocking, weaving, jabbing and dodging. One of our sons was obviously well-versed in the game and quickly pummeled anyone that came along. Eventually, the game became less enjoyable to watch and even less enjoyable to play against someone so pleased with his winning record.

Later the thought occurred to me that that gaming experience may be like our lives sometimes. In our expertise we become intolerant and even abusive to those around us. There are some people well-advanced in their professions, highly decorated with experience who look upon others with contempt and loathing. Face it, many of us do this without being fully aware of how we treat others. It can be self-gratifying to know we are better than someone else. Yet, at the end of the day what have we gained?

In our game tonight we finally ended early. The prize purse that sat on top of the television was revoked and a life lesson on sportsmanship was taught. If you beat everyone around you, you win the match but lose the game.

In our life we can have attain expertise through diligence, effort, and innate skill. This will allow us to enjoy a high level of success, recognition and pleasure in life. However, the true test of lives are not how often we win the game but how many people we have won it with.


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