Creating Social Network Profiles

It is the nature of present day social networks to identify ourselves. Providing your name and basic contact information is the start to using most social networks. There are a few recommendations that we should follow in order that others may have relevant information without sacrificing security. A profile should include the name people know you by. It is normal for someone originally known as Jimmy Smith to be referred to as James W. Smith as they get older. Some networks allow you to include other names you may have been known as. The same is true for many women after they are married. Using your maiden name or former marriage name will help those who know you find you. As you create your profile be sure to closely examine the options. In many cases you can change these feaures later if you have to, however the first step is oftentimes the most important to get it as right as possible. There are people who can use the information you provide on social networks for malicious purposes. It may seem obvious to some but providing descriptive information about yourself can be dangerous. You should seriously consider including birthdays, residence, or family relationships on public profiles or openly available to your new friends and followers. Social networks may be powerful tools for helping you to work, join causes or find people you have forgotten. Wisely using these networks will help people find you while you keep your personal information safe.


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