I Know People Who Think This is Everyday

Ask a Stupid Question Day is a holiday that is sometimes celebrated in the United States, usually by school students and teachers. Although Ask a Stupid Question Day takes place on September 28, it is usually observed on the last school day of September.

It is unfortunate that today throughout the world however the joys and pleasures of this holiday become so evident in every facet of our lives. The following are meant to assist the population as we maintain the sanctity of this holiday on its intended day.

1) Listen before speaking.
2) Active listening doesn’t mean you parrot back what I just said-refer to number 1.
3) Become interested in a solution.
4) If you ask my advise don’t argue with me about it.
5) Develop logical conclusions on your own.
6) If all else fails write down your question and ask it later.


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