TWITTER: I Just Don’t Get It

It has got to be the technology statement of 2009: ” Twitter, I just don’t get it”.  This is ok, this statement really means that the only thing you can do is to tweet (verb for someone using Twitter) about your poached egg sitting on the breakfast table. If this is all you think of to Twitter – it is not for you – yet.

Twitter is the technical platform where users submit 140-character messages to a community of followers who choose to follow the thoughts that dribble from the mind of the person using Twitter.  One more platform among the emerging social media tools to become popular lately Twitter uses followers and subscribers to receive the and share messages.

The quality of Twitter is only as good as the person using it. Twitter has been used to share breaking news stories providing live, unedited accounts by eyewitnesses. It is also used to share real time information or live communications for similar parties. In many cases Twitter information beats the accuracy and timeliness of real time news agencies.

There are many people using Twitter, each with different reasons and applications. From blogs, Facebook, and even things called websites the amount and proliferation of tools to share information grow. Those early adopters are shaping what you and I will use for years to come as they help us receive a more mature technology.

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