SECRET: Perfect Popcorn

Why on earth would anyone care? Yet I am compelled. Tonight I sought the perfect popped corn. There is a science to the kernel, a philosophy of heat pressure and seasoning. Here is the secret:

Take 1/3 cup of unpopped kernels.
Soak kernels in very hot tap water for 5 minutes
In a dutch oven lay a small layer of vegetable oil in the bottom of the pan and heat to 5-6 on electric stove. (YMMV)
Place two kernels of dry corn in the pan and wait until it pops. (Remove kernels)
Wait 30 seconds and gently lower heat to 5 (reduce by 10%)
Drain water from popcorn seeds (very well)
Pour seeds in heated oil (be very careful the oil will pop with the residual water)
Cover with pan lid cracked to allow some steam to escape.
Allow to pop until 2-3 seconds go by without seeds popping.
Remove from heat, season to taste.

As I said, who on earth cares? Yet it is interesting.

Now, I am seeking a non-crystalized carmel for carmel popcorn – any sugestions?


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