I Can’t Spend 20 Million Dollars

I am having a difficult time spending $USD 20 million dollars. I have created a spreadsheet describing the important things to use this money on, but I still have a balance that remains. My goal is to spend the entire amount in 6 months that does not produce a moral hazard, and ensures that a steady stream of cash flow exists for my wife and children for the next three decades. The charitable side of me wants to help payoff (or paydown) the mortgage of my parents, siblings and immediate in-laws. I think it is also important to finance a public works project in the town where I live; one sponsored by my wife and another by me. Another project I am interested in is funding a scholarship endowment and nature beautification project.

My problem is that when I finish all these and some investments I still have 12 million dollars left. I think a Death Star in low earth orbit would be cool, but not very likely. I also want to keep my current job and still go to work but only four days per week.

I have published my spreadsheet for you to see at http://bit.ly/ZTtoP I haven’t received this money yet so don’t come banging on my door thinking I have it to give away right now.


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