Rules Govern a Civil Society

In a recent high school championship basketball game North Lawndale College Prep lost because its uniform violated league rules. The report indicates that because a stripes on the uniform did not conform to regulations the team was assessed a one=point penalty at the beginning of the game. By the end of the game the team lost 66-65. (Source)

This speaks volumes to the condition which our society is descending. We have rules to govern the association we have with each. As we chose to participate in a society we are not allowed to cherry-pick by saying, “I will take this, this and that, but I will not do that because I do not agree.”

The problems the world’s society are facing are so easily related to greed, selfishness and a lack of regard for rules. We are quick to enter into agreements favourable to our condition and expect the other party to follow the rules so long as it is to our benefit. However, when we do not like the outcome of our decisions we cry foul and seek to change the rules to benefit us again.

“Mary Struckhoff, NFSHSA national interpreter for basketball rules and rules editor, said the regulations have not changed in the 10 years she has worked for the association, and they exist for a reason.”

Struckhoff said it best when she said “We have very specific guidelines, and once you say, well, four inches could really be five inches, then five inches could really be six, and what difference does it make?”

“So to speak and pardon the pun, where do you draw the line? Four inches is four inches.” (Illegal uniforms cost team in playoff loss,Steve Brawner Source )

Here is the condition that plagues our society we are covenant breakers. We no longer think a mortgage is a two sided contract. We thumb our nose at the civil laws.

(Illegal uniforms cost team in playoff loss,Steve Brawner Source )


One thought on “Rules Govern a Civil Society

  1. Yes, I agree! I’d rather not fund any other mortgages besides my own, thank you very much!

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