Why So Quiet?

Many of the subscribers in this blog have asked why it has been so quiet lately. True, for several weeks I have not blogged as regularly – mini apologies. The reason is quiet simple – I continue to contribute to the internet (even more often now) using a technology called Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is think of it as a mini-blog that can be re-transmitted to multiple places.

Twitter can also have subscribers or followers who subscribe to tweets (or posts) based in like interests. Twitter is just one more tool that some people use to keep in contact with each. I have Twitter a great way to network with some truly influential people. In the last couple of weeks I have followed Lance Armstrong, David Pogue (tech writer in the New York Times). Today I was even recommended as one-to-follow by Mark Gibbs author and columnist of a number of influential technology books and magazines.

Bottom line, I have been quiet on this blog but remain active, vocal and contributing in my spare time based on the things I hear, do and learn. If you are interested in seeing some of my recent activity my tweets are published at http://twitter.com/paulmdone. Some of it is funny, others activity based, some even engages the world with what I am doing at George Mason University’s School of Management.

This is me.


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