GENIUS: Drilling a Lock

One of my assets (or character flaws) is that I think I am a genius. Today I showed both sides. In terms of background I dropped off my wife today at the airport to travel overseas for a couple of days. This leaves me leading the home and managing every one of the daily activities.

doordrillsNo sooner did I run my first errand than I locked the keys inside the house. I had to pick up my son from school and had no means of entering the home to retrieve my keys. One benefit of my home is that I have made extra efforts to secure it keep it safe. However, in my anxious effort to find some way of entering the house I entered the garage where I saw my power drill sitting on the work bench. In a flash I took a 1/2 inch drill bit, locked it in the chuck and drilled the lock of my door. It took less than 10 seconds to drill the core out of the door and enter my home.

Now I say this not to exhibit the stupid act of locking my keys in the house nor to teach you how easy it is to enter a locked house but to share a lesson with you. 1) Have some means of entering your home without calling a locksmith (key pads, hidden keys (not under the door mat), etc.). 2) Lock your tools up. Until today anyone could have done in the privacy and cover of my garage what I did to enter my house.

To repair this required I buy a new door knob and lock which was significantly better than a locksmith. Live and Learn.


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