Adobe Air & Cloud Computing

It almost sounds like a bunch of hot gas, but cloud computing is a developing technology where applications and services are just out there on the internet. Amazon and Google are among some of the big players in the market, but what can it mean for us?

Applications such as Adobe Air are beginning to take shape as the desktop applications for the future. Imagine instead of opening Microsof Word on your desktop computer you open the Google Docs to type you memo. Google docs is the application that you retrieve over the internet. Consider instead of opening the calendar program (outlook, Oracle Calendar, etc) you open your calendar from the internet.The fact these are on the internet means that it doesn’t matter when or where you are accessing these files they’re in the cloud.

The nice thing is that day is here now. Google is making significant improvements in the applications we can use. Their use is eased by other systems such as Adobe Air which provide a platform for accessing these web applications. Today I found two significant programs that provide just that function. One article I wrote about in another post was installing TweetDeck in Fedora 10 that provides argueably the best desktop access to tweets, organizing posts from your friends and colleagues. Another is GMDesk.

After installing Adobe Air the application GMDesk provides you single window instance into your Google world. GMDesk runs on both Windows and Linux and replaces a browser for accessing your Google world. Now mail, calendar, docs, maps, reader and web albums are all in one place.


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